Live Chat For Local Business Websites

Benefits Of Live Chat For Local Business Websites

If you have been browsing websites in the recent years, you must have seen that little chat box pop-up in the corner of a webpage. You may also have used the live chat box to get answers to your questions before buying a product or service. Adding live chat to a business website makes a lot of sense. Consumers have a lot of choice these days, and it is important to capture customers at all points of their journey through your website.
Adding a live chat box to your website allows you to provide instant gratification to a potential customer by answering their questions and concerns at a time of their choosing. It not only helps in increasing the sales but also in enhancing the reputation of your company in the eyes of customers. There are several companies offering live chat box service. It does not cost much and offers you a number of advantages. Here is a list of some of the major advantages of live chat for local business websites.

One of the biggest advantages of having a live chat box on your business website is that it helps in increasing conversions and sales. A number of research studies have confirmed that having a live chat box on your website has the potential to increase your conversion rate by up to 20%. This is due to the reason that potential customers get answers to any concerns or objections immediately.

Recent research studies have also confirmed that customers who chat are much more likely to buy a product or service as compared to customers who do not make use of the live chat function on a business website. In simple terms, having a live chat box on your website will help you enhance your revenue without investing in advertising or other ways to get leads to your business website.

Live chat also helps in improving the satisfaction levels of customers. A recent study has concluded that more than 90% consumers find the live chat function useful. It inspires confidence in potential customers. Since live chat offers an opportunity for a two-way conversation, it also allows you to share ideas with the customers.

Another major benefit of live chat functionality is that it helps in lowering customer service costs. Without a live chat box on your website, you will be forced to interact with customers through a ticket system or through email. On the other hand, having a live chat box on your business website allows you to answer the concerns of your customers immediately. A chat box allows you to offer one-on-one service to customers which not only improves overall efficiency but also decreases your staffing costs.

Over time, the chat transcripts allow you to improve customer interaction. It also gives you a way to get quick feedback regarding your products and services. In other words, a live chat box gives you excellent feedback to allow you to improve your customer service at a much lower cost.

Overall, these are some of the major advantages of having a live chat box on your local business website. There are a number of services offering live chat functionality. You should check the features as well as customer service level of these services to choose the right live chat functionality service for your local business website.