How Does Technology Help Lawyers?

Technology has revolutionized the legal industry with the adoption of automation, social media marketing platforms, online courses, communication tools and research software. The advancements do not make lawyers better but instead help in carrying out the day to day activities faster. It is therefore prudent to appreciate and accommodate the use of technology in the legal profession. Here are some of the ways that technology helps lawyers;

Increase in productivity

Lawyers have many activities to conduct every day that are administrative in nature. This is especially true if you’re a business lawyer. The many activities overwhelm and may lead to the overlooking of little details that are crucial. Since the activities are necessary to drive the business ahead, technology has made it possible to automate many of the processes creating more time to focus on productive activities such as communicating with clients.

In addition, there are applications to dictate briefs, calendaring software to schedule appointments, note taking and deposition preparation. All these have helped lawyers in conducting their practice.

Enhanced communication

Communication is important for the daily operation of the company. Whether internal or external, it should be effective to instill trust and show dedication. The development of technology has made communication better between colleagues and clients through instant messaging, email and case management software.

Furthermore, communication is not limited to distance since one can communicate with people in different regions of the world. Keeping clients updated, answering relevant questions and even giving depositions has been made stress free.


Documents are stored in cloud storage minimizing the handling of bulky and physical documents. This has not only made work easier but also made documents secure. Lawyers are able to safeguard themselves and their clients from unwanted persons. Moreover, the information is protected from hazards such as fire and floods that are prone to physical storage.


Marketing is a crucial part of the success of any business. The advancement in technology has created numerous avenues for lawyers to advertise their services and grow their brand. The use of websites, digital platforms, and social media sites has facilitated this.

Lawyers are able to interact with existing clients, obtain new clients and get information on the current legal needs. What’s more, many of the advertising platforms can be automated saving time and resources that could be used in other advertising methods.

Improved client experience

It is easier for clients to access legal information and services. In addition, handling of documentation such as signing contracts, filling forms has all become digital. This saves time and costs to travel to the lawyers’ office to physically handle the processes.

It has also made it easier for lawyers to track and bill hours worked using tools such as Toggl. The efficiency of these tools minimizes any conflict with the client since all the information is displayed accordingly. What’s more, it is easy for the clients to also track and confirm the information.


The use of technology has been able to help lawyers to streamline and make business more successful. It is important to embrace it and learn how to make it work for you as a lawyer.