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  • Save hundreds from unnecessary upgrades
  • Avoid costly by the hour call out and repair charges
  • Protect your precious files, priceless digital photos
    and videos
  • Speed up your PC and become more productive at work
  • Free up time not having to wrestle with a sick
  • Access to a personal IT department to solve computer problems
  • Say goodbye to host of PC problems such as
    Active X, registry errors, missing dll, ocx,
    runtime, blue screen of death, USB, system32
    and hardware errors, with live remote support
slow pc Pc check

computer cleaner

Speed Up Your PC And Reclaim The New Dream Machine You First Bought

If you want to stop your computer from:

  • Freezing every time you meant to save that important document due at 9am.
  • Shutting off every time you try to use your favorite program.
  • Taking minutes to carry out tasks that should be done in seconds.

... then you need PC Doc Pro to hunt down registry problems, glitches, and other corrupt junk files that are on your computer right now. And do this scan for free!

Download our free trial*  of PC Doc Pro 5 right now, and see the difference yourself.

Pc doctor

Daniel Schulz had 347 problems on his computer. All fixed by PC Doc Pro.

Sandra Walshe had 183 problems on her computer. All fixed by PC Doc Pro.

Len Dozois found 154 problems on his computer. After running PC Doc Pro, he has zero.

How many problems will PC Doc Pro find on your computer? Find out now.

Let PC Doc Pro make your computer registry "error-free" before one of these dreaded corrupt files devastates your PC for good. It only takes one click to reclaim the speed you thought your computer had lost.

Get rid of crashes, freezes, and long wait times with our 1-click software right now.

"Download PC Doc Pro 5 Now!"

Pc doctor

Advantages of using PC Doc Pro:

  • Accelerate your PC
  • Faster Windows boot time
  • Improve the stability of your desktop
  • Eliminate blue screens
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Automatic backup system
  • FREE automatic updates
  • And much more!

PC Doc Pro Repairs, Removes and Improves:

  • Slow PC speeds
  • Windows boot time
  • Invalid shared DLL files
  • Links to broken applications
  • Obsolete shortcuts
  • Invalid files
  • Incorrectly uninstalled software
  • Associations with invalid files
Pc doctor

From: Kay Brenner

Dear Frustrated PC User,

ver suffered from PC rage? When was the last time you threw a tantrum, because your PC just crashed?

I know, I've been there. It's everyone's worst nightmare. You're almost done with a lengthy e-mail, or report and the computer crashes for no apparent reason. It tries to restart but never quite finishes booting. Then it crashes again. And again!

How often have you wished that you could just wave a magic wand and save a report before your PC crashed?

Even if you bought a new machine recently, it doesn't take too long at all for corrupt and redundant files to start building up and causing damage to your system. So much so that these vulnerabilities can be exploited by virus writers time and time again.

What can you do when your PC starts misbehaving?

Believe me, hitting the reset button on your PC every time your mouse decides it's not going to move anymore is beyond frustrating. It's downright infuriating.

Even more so when you were just about to use that mouse to save that important file. But don't pick up your baseball bat just yet.

I've got something for you that will have your PC running so silky smooth you'll think you just plugged it in for the first time yesterday.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hi, my name is Kay Brenner, Creator of PC Doc Pro. I have been involved with designing and building computer systems for some of America's largest corporations for over twenty-three years. I've personally fixed thousands of computers of all shapes and sizes.

You know what that means?

It means phone call after phone call from friends and colleagues at all hours of the day or night asking for help with their PC problems.

I've saved many computers from being replaced and hundreds of dollars for people who didn't want to spend their hard earned cash on computer technicians.

Now, What Does All This Mean T YOU?

You know, just to get a qualified technician to look at your computer nowadays will put you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 to $115 per hour. And that's before any repairs.

You're looking at a least couple of hours just to make it worth their time. That's means you're easily into the $140 to $230+ range…

As you can see it all quickly adds up! And that's only for a one off visit. What if within a few weeks your systems starts to give you more problems? Are you prepared to spend that kind of money for each visit?

If you are like most PC users out there today, you let problems linger and let it nag you with repeated crashes, freezes and frustrating error messages, hoping they go away.

A Super Intelligent 1-Click Solution That Solves PC Problems Instantly And Breathes New Life Into Your PC

This got me to thinking. What if I could create a computer program that would take advantage of my years of experience and fix these problems automatically? So that people don't have to waste their valuable time waiting for the PC repair man to turn up and depart with their hard earned money to get there system up and running once again..

Instead what if there was a program that with just run a simple 1-Click will hunt out hundreds of these little problems, glitches, and time bombs that are lurking in the shadows of your PC eager to make your life miserable. Hunt them down and fix them for good!

The result? PC Doc Pro.

Then how could I make the program unique and offer a personal IT department to everyone? Simple, offer  live remote support with trained Microsoft Certified Professionals that I have personally trained myself to solve all sorts of everyday computer problems.

The Outcome? Friends calling to tell me that my program saved their PC from an untimely death. Computers working free of annoying crashes, long wait times, maddening freezes, and stupid error messages.

In fact, see what these folks said about my program, after they were given a free trial of PC Doc Pro to try:

Pc diagnostics
"All I Can Say Is Wow...."

"I was really skeptical when I first installed and ran PC Doc Pro.

Although I'm no computer nerd, I am the "go to" guy in our office, and I do consider myself smarter than the average person about computers.

When I first ran PC Doc Pro I was shocked to see it found 347 problems that were making my computer run slower.

Thank you guys for a wonderful program!”

- Daniel R Shulz, Brooklyn, NY

pc doctor
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pc diagnostics
"My PC is No Longer Getting Error Messages And Freezing Thanks To PC Doc Pro"

"Where in the world was PC Doc Pro Six months ago when I was begging for a solution to my PC problems?

I was tearing my hair out for weeks begging for solution to my PC problems.

My computer was constantly getting errors and freezing but not anymore thanks to PC Doc Pro

PC Doc Pro is Extremely simple to use and very powerful.

Thank you for creating a solution to my problems."

- Paul Kleinmeulman, Gatton, Australia

computer cleaner
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Pc doctor
pc check
"If My PC Is Down Then I'm Not Making Any Money…. Not Any More Thanks To PC Doc Pro"

"Boy, am I shocked!

I pride myself on running a pretty tight ship when it comes to my PC. I'm a small business operator and if my PC is down then I'm not making any money.

It's a good thing that my kids weren't home to hear what I blurted out when 154 problems were found!

Being the skeptic that I am, I manually verified each and every problem that PC Doc Pro reported and, guess what? It was spot on!

Good job guys. PC Doc Pro now has a place next to my Spyware and Anti Virus programs as a must-have tool that I will run regularly."

- Len Dozais, Clearwater, FL

slow pc
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computer cleaner
"I Can't Believe You Are Not Charging More As PC Doc Pro Found More Errors Than The Competition"

"After using your program PC Doc Pro, I can't believe you are not charging more for it as I have used other programs in the past that cost me more and only crippled my system after using them.

But not only did yours find over 100 bad entries on my Win 98 PC and a whopping 500 entries on my XP machine, but it fixed them without any other problems. Great job, keep up the good work"

- Steve Smith, Mesa, AZ

pc diagnostics
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pc check
PC Doctor
"Within A Matter of Minutes, It Had Found 200 Problems And Fixed Them All"

"I just called to let you know that PC Doc Pro really cleaned up my computer and got it running right.

Within a matter of a just a few minutes, it had found over 200 problems and in another minute or two it was all fixed."

- Joe Coon, Oakridge, LA

slow pc
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PC Fix
Pc diagnostics
"The Increase In Productivity Will More Than Pay Back My Investment"

"I just wanted to let you know, your software is great.

Within 20 minutes of downloading it, my PC was running much more efficiently and I feel much more confident about its reliability.

The increase in productivity will more than pay back my investment. Thanks very much."

- John Taylor, Cumbria, United Kingdom

PC Doctor
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computer cleaner
"PC Doc Pro Is A One-Stop Fix For All of My PC Problems And Works Every Time"

"My laptop was a mess after installing and uninstalling numerous programs left it festered with links that went no where and files that were no longer in use.

PC Doc Pro was a one stop fix for ALL of these problems.

I have used other programs that completely stuffed up my computer. But not PC Doc Pro... it works every time!"

- David Wakerly, Sydney, Australia

slow pc
PC Fix
PC Doctor
"My Computer Is Faster Now
Since Using PC Doc Pro"

"Thank you for recommending PC Doc Pro. Prior to running it my computer was VERY sluggish and I was thinking I'd need to replace it.

I was also getting error windows that were interfering with my work.

Since running this program my computer has speeded up considerably and I haven't gotten any more error windows. Thanks again for the great software!"

- F Engh, Sacramento, CA

Pc diagnostics
pc check
computer cleaner
"I Paid Twice As Much For Inferior Competitors' Products For What PC Doc Pro Fixed in One Pass"

"I have tried your program on WinXP and it picked up 280 odd problems so far.

I am very impressed. This is a nice little program that produces excellent results.

I consider it to be a must have for anyone using a computer.

I have personally paid twice as much for many programs that claim to do what your program did in one pass."

- Kelvin Croft, Wellington, New Zealand

slow pc
PC Fix
PC Doctor
"I Got Rid Of 400 Problems And
My System Thanks Me For It!"

"I have downloaded, uploaded, installed so many programs and then deleted them that I KNEW I had a ton of .dll's that I didn't need hanging around in my system taking up memory.

Sure enough, after running PC Doc Pro, I had over 400 old .dll's and other ‘junk' on my computer!

OMG! I got rid of almost everything and my system thanks me for it."

- Sherri Miller, Lakeside, CA

Pc diagnostics
pc check
computer cleaner
"PC Doc Pro Is Easy To Use... Its A No Brainer! You've Got Nothing To Lose"

"I downloaded the program and ran through the registration without a problem. I love how the program is setup... it's easy to use and I like the user interface.'

Simply click 1 button to scan your PC, then click 1 button to fix your PC.

Within minutes it has found and fixed 173 errors.

You can't have it any easier than that, it's a no brainer as far as I am concerned.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Simply amazing I love it!"

- Craig Desorcy, China, Japan

slow pc
PC Fix

Why People Keep Saying PC Doc Pro
Has Saved Their Computer (And Their Sanity)

Does your computer feel like it's running slower than a greyhound on a leash?

It's not your imagination. If you feel like your computer was faster when you first got it – you're probably right.

Even if you upgrade your computer often, you'll start to notice that your new PC is starting to act just like your old one – SLOW. I have seen this happen too many times...

... I knew that these problems were all similar and so I decided to get down and dirty and find out why people are wasting their money. And do you know what I discovered?

Something those computer manufacturers do not want you to know. The reason computers seem to get slower as they get older, is because they ARE slower.

Dozens, likely hundreds, and even thousands of “glitches” pile up on your computer over time even if you are light computer user. When these glitches team up, your computer is going to run slower than a peg legged pirate in a sandpit.

Have you ever been working on an important document (that was due the next morning at 9 o'clock) only to watch your computer freeze? Your only option is to hit reset... Or set it out on the curb for trash day.

If you let glitches pile up, not only will you find yourself trying to work on a “slower than snails” computer...'ll find yourself wasting time watching your computer start-up over and over again.

It's unbelievably frustrating!

And enough to make anyone at least think about putting a foot through the monitor!

Of course you can start poking around when confronted with Windows problems, in some random fashion, crossing your fingers hoping you'll get lucky and stumble on a fix.

However, if you are one of the 95% of computer users out there today, you break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of anything remotely technical. If you don't know what you are exactly doing, you'll move from power user to data loser.

But one program can stop this cycle from repeating. PC Doc Pro hunts down and fixes the corrupt files that act as time bombs just waiting to destroy your computer.

If You Don't Do This, You Risk
Losing Your PC For Good

Corrupt files and glitches on your PC don't just make your PC run slower than a glacier ice flow. They can also bust your computer for good...

...and then you're left with a large, expensive paper weight.

The average PC has hundreds of errors hanging around at any given time. These files sit and wait just like time bombs waiting to go off.

Don't let your PC give you a false sense of security… these files are like ‘time bombs' just waiting to create havoc with your PC – usually at the most inconvenient time!

As soon as your PC makes the mistake of trying to access one of these corrupt files...

Bang! Your computer refuses to boot and you are at risk of losing every single file you own.

Every email, every photograph, every financial record, every word processing document. Every single software program that you own is gone -- forever -- because of a stupid little corrupt file on your PC...

...that PC Doc Pro could have fixed with just one click of the mouse.

The longer you use your computer without regular maintenance, the more useless junk and corrupt files pile up on your PC.

Before you know it, harmful trash piles have sprouted higher than Jack's beanstalk. And then it may be only a matter of time before you've lost your PC for good.

PC Doc Pro will power-sweep those junk piles into a giant virtual washing machine, cleanse them of their errors, and hang the new disinfected files out to dry. Ridding your PC of registry errors with just one click of the mouse! Plus we throw in free remote support and solve complex PC problems for you

PC Doctor

What Kind Of Results Have Other
People Had With PC Doc Pro?

The first thing most people feel after running PC Doc Pro is a sense of relief. It's like jumping into a pool on a blistering hot day.

In an instant, all your stress, frustration and anger vanishes. Within moments of running PC Doc Pro, you will notice that your computer will run much more smoothly from this point forward.

Each and every thing you do on your computer will now take less time.

What you need to do now is figure out what you're going to do with the extra time on your hands.

If you work on a computer all day, you will be amazed by how much more productive you can be when your PC is running flawlessly. The amount of extra work you will be able to get done is mind-boggling.

(Your co-workers will be baffled by the amount of work you are able to fly through - unless you share your secret!)

Finally, you can leave work in a good mood, knowing that you completed everything you needed to. You won't have to worry about tomorrow, because you know your computer is in tip-top shape and ready to get the job done.

Pc diagnostics
"Everything Is Running Smooth And FAST Just Like It Used To Be When I First Bought My PC"

"I downloaded your program and gave it a spin on my creaky, oh so slow Win 98 system. I was already running McAfee, Pestpatrol, AdAware and Zone Alarm, so didn't expect much help from this.

But PC Doc found 417 problems with my registry - weird files, bad file forwards, etc.

I used the programs to fix these, and woo-hoo! New computer! NO more ‘frozen mouse'. No 60-second wait just for the icons on my desktop to refresh.

Everything is running smooth and FAST just like it used to be way back when I first bought my PC. I love it."

- Jim E, Canmer, KY

pc check
computer cleaner

But Is It Safe To Use Your
Program On My Computer?

Absolutely, 100% safe. Each time you run PC Doc Pro, you can choose to have a super-secure backup made to make sure any changes can be undone with just a few clicks of the mouse.

You never have to worry that PC Doc Pro is getting rid of important files. The truth is, no files are erased at all. Instead, “The Doc” simply diagnoses the files and harmlessly fixes them your registry on the spot.

And unlike other programs, PC Doc Pro will never install any so-called “adware” or “spyware” on your computer.

The guilty parties that do this hide this fact in their “terms of service,” and force you to install these annoying programs if you wish to use their software. Our Terms of Service is completely free of any such “agreement.”

Our program is 100% adware and spyware free.

How Much is Your
Investment Worth to You?

When new PC's can pile up $1,000 debts on your credit card in the blink of an eye...'s hard to call regular PC maintenance a cost instead of savings! Even so, it won't cost you a dime to diagnose your PC.

Click here to Download  PC Doc Pro 5 to your
PC right this second

PC Doctor

(Just save the program to your desktop. When it's finished downloading, double click the file to get ready for your first house call.)

You can scan your computer for errors absolutely free. And don't be surprised when our software informs you that your PC has been running with hundreds of “bugs” in it!

There's a very good chance that your computer has well over 100 registry errors that are likely waiting to cause issues for your PC. PC Doc Pro 5 trial version allows you to fix 50 problems for free. After that it just takes a few clicks to register for a full copy

PC Doc Pro is not a cheap 'no thrills' service. We offer genuine premium support with our service and this is why we may be more expensive than comparable services. Chances are that you may already tried a competitor or a freeware program but you did not get the desired results that you had hoped for.

This is our key differentiator as we invest so much into providing the level of service that has long been forgotten in the computer industry. Our heroic analysts have been recruited from AOL, BT, Dell, E&Y, HCL, IBM, Linksys and Netgear.

We promise a very fast turnaround and do whatever it takes to solve a difficult PC problem. We may not know the answers to all PC problems but we know where to find and identify a solution.

You can choose the Gold Key for $34.95 which enables you to repair all damaged files, updates and comes with 30 days Live PC Support with a Microsoft Qualified Technician to solve any registry problem using remote support, or choose our best value offer – a Platinum Key for only $67.95 with up to three installs and benefit from the ability to repair damaged files with the latest research, updates and Live PC Support for up to a full year!

You see, your PC creates corrupted files on a regular basis, so protecting and repairing these problems is not a on-shot deal. You need to be ever vigilant, and PC Doc Pro with Live Support is your personal IT Department!

But you don't have to decide if you want the Gold or Platinum key protection right now. In fact, you don't have to decide at all.

All you really have to do is run the FREE test and see what's on the assessment screen for your PC's file system today. If you're comfortable with what you find – great - the decision is already made.

Bottom line, if you don't have any serious issues on your PC, then your house call from “The Doc” was on us!

Just keep the FREE version and run it again anytime that you are curious about what's changed since the last time you've checked.

Download PC Doc Pro to your PC now for
your free house call now!

Pc diagnostics

Why PC Doc Pro Is
Your Only Option...

We respect all of our competitors' programs. But there are a few reasons why PC Doc Pro is the only way to go. I personally had this program made so that I wouldn't be forced to fix the same problems over and over again.

I made it for me and it works. It will work for you too. But read what other people have had to say and you'll also know that PC Doc Pro is faster and safely fixes more errors than the than the competition.

When you buy brand name shrink-wrapped software from your local computer store with a high price tag, you truly don't know what it can do, or whether you need it, until it's installed.

I wanted PC Doc Pro to be different and to put more control in the hands of You, the PC user. That's why

PC Doc Pro scan tool comes completely free of charge to run as many health checks on your computer as your like, for an unlimited time period. If minor or no problems are found on your System then you pay absolutely NOTHING!

PC Doc Pro comes with heroic level of support with our analysts dedicated to maximize your investment in the service. Our dedicated Premium Live PC Support allows you to directly connect to our PC technicians in real time, so no problem goes unsolved! Our analysts can, on request, remotely access your computer to diagnose and solve problems such as poor PC performance .

Our offer is backed up by a 100% Money Back Guarantee – At Zero Risk to you. You won't find that anywhere else!!!

Get your ready-to-fix version of PC Doc Pro 5 right now. Let it diagnose your PC with one easy click of a button.

It will only take you a couple minutes to get started. In fact, PC Doc Pro will walk you step-by-step through the simple process literally holding your hand at each turn. And if you're really stuck, help is one click away. One of our friendly customer support reps will only to be too happy to help guide you.

Just sit back and watch while the glitches and hidden time bombs that PC Doc Pro discovers. Then click “Fix” and watch as “The Doc” quickly takes care of each problem one by one.

In the first minute, you will notice a startling change in the way your PC behaves and how quickly it responds. Within hours, you will feel as if you had just purchased a new computer altogether.

The next time you turn your computer off and on, you will witness it start smoother and faster than ever before. And after a few days, you will be amazed at the amount of time you have saved by refusing to wrestle with a sick computer any longer.

And if you don't...

PC Doctor, Pc diagnostics, pc check, computer cleaner, slow pc, PC Fix

We believe that PC Doc Pro will deliver for you, and if it doesn't – we don't deserve your hard-earned cash. It's important to us that you think of our program as the most important investment you've ever made for your computer. And if not, you get to keep 100% of your money.

Quite simply, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

You won't find the “tech guy” at your local computer store so willing to hand out a refund for his time. Now you can make your computer glitch free, prevent unnecessary freezes, and make your computer act as fast as the day you bought it all by yourself.

pc check
computer cleaner
"PC Doc Pro Instantly Made My Computer Run Much Much Much Faster!!"

“PC Doc Pro is an invaluable program, that will save you lots of time and hassles with your computer. The first time I used it, it found 762 errors, and it fixed all of them and this instantly made my computer run much much much faster.

“Since I also own a major competitor's program to PC Doc Pro, I tried the competitor's product first and then used PC Doc Pro. The PC Doc Program found 92 errors that the other program didn't, plus your program was a heck of a lot faster.”

- Scott Becker, Folsom, California

slow pc
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PC Fix

You Mean I Also Get 6 Free Bonuses If My Gold or Platinum Order Is Received By Midnight,

As if curing your PC wasn't enough, we want to make life better for you too, so you get

Pc diagnostics pc doctor


Time Made Easy

In today’s world life has become fast and each person needs to be able to think 10 steps ahead. Time is our most valuable asset and this has to be used efficiently.

Have you struggled to remember to do something, capture an idea or organize all those important numbers?

What happens when you cross a classic yellow sticky note with your PC and combine it with a Personal Organizer and an iPod, that lets you click’n’drag audio, music and spreadsheets ?

Discover Screenotes - the intelligent yellow note solution designed for your PC!

pc check
computer cleaner slow pc

StartUp Manager

Speedup Your PC

Stop taking coffee breaks while you wait for your computer to load Windows.

Use StartUp Manager to convince your computer to load lightning fast – and kill annoying and dangerous spyware programs before they start.

StartUp Manager will stop your twiddling thumbs once and for all.

PC Fix
PC Doctor Pc diagnostics

Junk Remover

Reclaim Your Hard-Drive And Speed Up Windows

Get Rid Of Junk Files That Are Taking Up Space On Your Hard Drive! (A $27.00 value)

Make room on your hard drive and speed up your PC by getting rid of “junk files” that are only wasting space.

Use this top of the line “maid-service” to clean your computer of unneeded files that are making your computer run slower. 
pc check
computer cleaner slow pc

1 Click NetXcelerator

Welcome To The New Internet Symphony

1 Click Net Xcelerator will increase your Internet connection by up to 25%, even if you are using broadband or dial-up.

The program tweaks secret settings in Windows 7 Vista, XP, 2000, Me/98, such as: optimizing connection performance, control access of Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and many more. 

PC Fix
pc doctor pc diagnostics

1 Click WinXcelerator

Turbo Charge Your PC!

The main reason for sluggish performance is low available Memory. You could go out and buy more RAM (memory), but that upgrade would cost you $200 or more.

There is an easier and less expensive way to boost your PC's performance.

1 Click WinXelerator is the most advanced memory manager available, and it can proactively monitor your system memory and resources, freeing up RAM and preventing crashes.

pc check
computer cleaner slow pc

PC PowerTips

Unleash The Power Within

TA “Goldmine” power-resource full of hundreds of pages of computer “tips n’ tricks! Ruffle through info-packed issue after issue full of screen shots, amazing websites, and most importantly answers to our clients’ many, many computer questions.

This valuable collection is stuffed full of practical solutions to everyday PC frustrations. Finally you can get the maximum value out of your PC without paying a fortune at the bookstore.

Plus, brand new issues will be on their way to your inbox twice a month - so you can stay alert of current PC problems and new technology.

PC Fix
PC Doctor

Remember, it costs absolutely nothing for “The Doc” to make a house call for your PC right this minute. Just click on the link above to see how many “bugs” are hiding in your computer right now.

Your computer will thank you.

Yours sincerely,

PC Doctor, Pc diagnostics, pc check, computer cleaner, slow pc, PC Fix

Kay Brenner

P.S. Do you want to know the most important reason why you should listen tome? Because my program can turn your tired, worn down computer into a “well-oiled speed demon.” Don't take my word for it, listen to what Sandra has to say about PC Doc Pro:

PC Doctor
"I Ordered The Fix And It Worked Just Like Your Said It World"

"Hi this is Sandra Walshe from Westchester, New York, and I just thought I'd drop you a line to say thank you for rescuing my PC!

I was about to spend eleven hundred dollars on a new machine because my old one was getting slower and slower, probably because my kids seem to download just about everything from music to games to pictures off the Internet.

So after downloading the free tool, I ran a scan and PC Doc Pro found 183 errors on my PC and diagnosed each and every one.

Needless to say I ordered the fix and it worked just like you said it would... Thanks guys - you're the best!!"

- Sandra Walshe, Westchester, NY

Pc diagnostics
Click Below to
pc check

Get Your Hands On PC Doc Pro 5 Now!

computer cleaner

P.P.S. Let PC Doc Pro make your PC a house call – no charge - right now. Download our software for free* and run it. Then watch and see how many “bugs” pile up.

You'll be in for the shock of your life! Once you take advantage of our gold or platinum license, your computer will immediately act faster. It will feel like your computer has a new lease of life.

And if our analysts cannot fix it, you get every penny back. I'll even let you keep each and every bonus. They're yours free just for trying us out.

Get Your Hands On PC Doc Pro 5 Now!

slow pc

P.P.P.S. Look, we know that maintenance and prevention isn't sexy or glamorous. You know that people don't get oil changes for their cars when they should. You know that they don't get annual dental exams, and they don't check their blood pressure or cholesterol as often as they should.

You also know that car engines seize up every day, millions of people are wearing dentures, and that heart attacks and strokes kill and paralyze thousands and thousands of people.

Your PC will suffer an untimely death as the result of maintenance neglect. Don't let that happen!

PC Doctor, Pc diagnostics, pc check, computer cleaner, slow pc, PC Fix
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